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Cable TV in Rochester, MN, doesn’t deliver like DIRECTV

If you are looking for the best deals, service, variety and more from your home entertainment, it’s time to ditch cable TV and get DIRECTV. Don’t be fooled into thinking you don’t have a choice when it comes to your television service provider. Cable is no longer the only option for local and national TV.

Rochester residents are more satisfied with DIRECTV than cable TV

DIRECTV is available in 100% of American homes and enjoyed by more than 50 million viewers. All these satisfied households can’t be wrong. See what you’ve been missing and join the millions who have helped DIRECTV rank highest in customer satisfaction for the past 11 years, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

DIRECTV delivers local Rochester affiliates and more

Enjoy access to all of your favorite local news and entertainment plus a variety of exclusive and international programming options. Only DIRECTV brings you all of your local Rochester affiliates as well as exclusive options such as NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ and NASCAR HotPass™.

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Sure, “cable TV” is a standard term, but don't think your favorite features come standard with any given cable company. You want a heavy-duty DVR to record Cable TV in Rochester Hills? Cable TV in South Lyon can't give you your fair share of HD channels? Or, maybe you just can't seem to get a human operator when you call Cable TV in Sterling Heights? We've all dealt with cable companies, which is why no matter if you want Cable TV in Troy or Cable TV in Burnsville it makes sense to know your options. Call today to learn more about industry-leading TV service across the country - and finally kiss your current cable guys goodbye!

Forget cable TV and order DIRECTV today

Rochester, MN, residents are discovering the benefits of making the switch to DIRECTV. Cable TV can’t match the value you’ll get when you sign up for DIRECTV service. When you order DIRECTV, you receive top-notch programming at a price you’ll love. Customize the perfect package to satisfy the toughest TV critics in your Rochester home.

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